Configuration details for the GitHub Data Source integration.

About GitHub

GitHub is a project management tool that allows you to create and manage tasks.
From GitHub website:
Plan, track, and manage your agile and software development projects in Jira. Customize your workflow, collaborate, and release great software.

Setting up your GitHub source

To set up your GitHub source, navigate to Settings > Data Sources inside of the Makelog app.
The GitHub API uses OAuth for authentication.
When you select GitHub, you'll be taken to GitHub and asked to install the Makelog Source.
Note, you may have the option to select this on behalf of your personal user account, or on your organization account.
Then, you can select the specific repos you would like to grant Makelog access to.
Once you've saved the repos you want to grant Makelog access to, you should be redirected back to Makelog.
Allow up to 5 minutes or so for Makelog to sync your GitHub entries.
Makelog syncs the following from GitHub:
    Merged PRs
Once they're synced, you will see a success message on the Settings > Data Sources page under GitHub with the Last Sync time. Then, you will see these entries populated in the side panel when you start a New Post.
Last modified 6mo ago