Writing Makelog Posts

Write a new post

To start a new post, press the button with the + in the top right corner of the app.
This will direct you to the Makelog Editor:
The Makelog Editor supports Markdown. You can also use the menu toolbar to format your post.
Heading 1, heading 2, heading 3 | Bulleted list, ordered list | Quote, code block, divider, image, link, and tips
Bold, italics, strikethrough, highlight, code block | Heading 1, heading 2, quote | Link

Adding labels

You can add custom labels to your Makelog posts by clicking New Label in the metadata section of a new post.
You can also add labels to individual content blocks for more granular filtering.

Changing the visibility

You can change the visibility from Public to Internal using the visibility toggle in the metadata section of a new post.
If you select Public, Makelog will publish your post to both your public Makelog page and your internal feed.
If you select Internal, Makelog will publish your post only to your internal feed.

Scheduling a post to publish in the future, or in the past

You can schedule your posts to publish at a future date by changing the data in the Published date picker field in the metadata section of a new post.
You can also backdate posts by selecting a publish date in the past.
To publish a post now, simply leave the Published date field empty. It will default to now.
Last modified 6mo ago